My Approach

In psychotherapy I offer an open and supportive space in which to explore and understand life’s challenges, with a view to encouraging people to be their most authentic selves and to hear and follow their own inner guidance.

I believe we each have an inner strength and wisdom which can be muted or silenced by pressures to cope, achieve, and conform, and by our need to be loved and accepted.

Mental health conditions are physical conditions affecting the brain – the physical organ through which we perceive, understand, and respond to our world (please see “brain development and mental health” for more information). Medication plays an important role in the treatment of serious mental health conditions. Nobody would expect themselves to “work through” and solve other physical conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis or appendicitis! Yet we often have the attitude that we should be able to resolve conditions which affect the brain, such as depression and anxiety, on our own. And then we may go on to berate ourselves and feel shame when we can’t overcome them.

Where the use of medication is involved, I prefer to have a collaborative approach. I offer my knowledge and expertise and aim to find the best possible treatment plan for each individual. Ideally, medication should allow for the best possible quality of life, with the fewest side-effects.

I suffer from depression myself and had my own struggle to accept the need for medication. With time, I came to see that while psychotherapy and personal development courses helped me to understand myself better and helped to relieve the symptoms at first, I was still struggling to get through the day. My patients on medication were recovering and I wasn’t!

I came to accept that the quality of life attainable when depression is adequately treated medically, far outweighs the drawbacks of self-imposed stigma, cost, and side effects.


I am a psychiatrist with a private Zoom based practice. I see people for psychotherapy and I treat a range of mental health problems, including: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and adult attention deficit disorder. Read more about my approach.


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